Group Hug, Inc

I'm this writer type.


These People

Watch now! with  Jim Rash, Jim O'Heir, Carolyn Hennesy, Keith Powell, and the best people in Los Angeles. Follow a terrible family on a terrible journey up and down the west coast.  


Nine Twelve

Non-fiction exploring four different happenings on September 12th, 2001. From an interview with a survivor from the tower, a pop culture urban legend that may be true, and my own experience. 




I wrote some episodes of a show on Freeform that has swordfights, angel-cops, a bisexual warlock, and a fair amount of angel-blooded, demon blooded, and human-blooded smartypants  types. 


Whatever It Is

An essay on my father's lifelong disability, the strange genetic disorder endured by my nephew, and the resilience of my irreverent family. Published in Event Magazine,  November 2015. 


Drop Dead Diva

I was pretty honored to write for the 5th season of Lifetime's Drop Dead Diva. I wrote the episode where Grayson defended a vampire and Owen kissed Stacy.